Wednesday, March 23, 2011

My latest "hobby"

I'm using the term "hobby" in a tongue-in-cheek, "yeah, right" sort of way.

For most people, digital scrapbooking is probably a normal, do-in-your-spare-time kind of activity. For me, it is an obsession that brings out every aspect of my OCD/Type A personality.

When I begin a new digital scrapbook, I spend hours on it. I don't mean "hours" like an hour here and there. I mean HOURS. Hours and hours and hours. Into the wee small hours of the morning, hours. It becomes so bad sometimes that Matt will ask, "Are you working on your book again?" He will then roll his eyes and say, "See you tomorrow" as he walks out of the room to go to bed. He's nothing if not helpful. I get similar treatment from the children. Of course, these naysayers are the first to drag my previous book out to show to company, so I know that even though they roll their eyes, they really like that I take the time to put all these memories together.

Here are some of my most recent pages. I'm sure I'll change each one several more times before I'm even halfway satisfied...

The title page

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