The story behind the title

My middle son has always had a knack for asking the strangest questions and coming up with the most creative remarks. He seems to do his deepest thinking when we are in the car going somewhere.

When he was four, he asked me, "Mom, do alligators live here?" When I didn't give him an immediate answer, he clarified the question with this most helpful follow-up, "No, I mean here - in our yard."

Why a four-year-old would think we have alligators in the yard here in Illinois is a mystery to me. Although, I think in his little brain, the leap of logic went something like this: "I've seen frogs and turtles in the yard. Frogs and turtles are about the same color as alligators, and they all can crawl. Therefore, we just might have an alligator or two lurking around in the yard."

Whatever his reason for asking it just goes to show that with a little imagination anything is within the realm of possibility.